Wacona Tenor Banjo

Quick Facts

E. Blanchette




11" head, 22 3/4" scale

Near Mint

E. Blanchette applied for patents 2,064,516 and 2,048,592 in 1931 and was granted the patents in 1936. The banjo has "Patented Pat's Pending" engraved on the back of the resonator, so I assume this stunning banjo was made around 1933. Mr. Bernunzio of Bernunzio Vintage Instruments once told me a German collector had a similar banjo. I have never heard of another. The workmanship on this banjo is excellent and the neck appears to be the type of work done by Bacon and Day. All parts are gold plated and the flange and the tubes supporting the tone ring are also engraved. The gold plated planet tuners appear to be original. The inlays are decorated with various pleasing designs, and the heel carving is very unusual. Altogether, this is a beautiful and most unusual banjo in near mint condition.